4 Areas to Check Out When Hiring a Bodyguard

A Closer Look into 4 Aspects to Analyze to Find the Right Bodyguard

Bodyguards serve a crucial purpose of protecting their clients as well as their families. As such, it is quite important that the hired bodyguard is competent enough to perform this type of duty. In this context, let us look at aspects you need to analyze to be sure you are hiring the right bodyguard.

What to check while appointing a bodyguard?

There are several things you will have to check before actually appointing a bodyguard. Let us delve into the details in the following sections.
• Knowledge of Emergency Procedures 
• Use of Equipment 
• Value of References 
• Determination of Expenditure

Knowledge of Emergency Procedures

bodyguard trainingBodyguard training equips security personnel with necessary knowledge to quickly react in case of an emergency. The security company providing bodyguards should clearly mention how the security officers are expected to function when an emergency situation arises.
By analyzing details provided by the security agency you will be able to understand whether the company has experience in managing crisis situation which are unusual or non-standard.
You also need to understand whether security officers with required bodyguard training will be able to handle different devices such as electronic surveillance systems, fire alarms and life safety devices.

Use of Equipment

The security agency should also clearly mention type of equipment a bodyguard will be competent enough to use (such as pepper spray, weapons and similar other equipment).
You also need to understand if the bodyguard will have required technical knowledge to use devices such as a computer in case such need arises while performing their role of a bodyguard for their principal.

Value of References

Apart from necessary bodyguard training, a bodyguard should also be able to provide references which would help you understand how good and reliable the bodyguard is. 
Moreover, you should also get references which help you judge how good or bad security agency had been in terms of providing services to its clients. References you get must help you examine the following:
• Verify experience of security agency and its bodyguards.
• Responsiveness of security company to client needs.
• Employee turnover rates and whether they are equal to or less than what other security firms have been able to achieve.

Determination of Expenditure

Before hiring any particular security agency you should have clear information about the following:
• What would be the billing cycle? Will it be bi-weekly, weekly or monthly?
• Is it going to be a flat rate, an hourly rate or rate decided according to experience and bodyguard training any particular bodyguard has?
• Will the security company provide invoice on regular basis so that you have an audit trail of payments you are making?
• Is there going to be increase in pay for the bodyguards and how such increase will be managed?
• Will there be any additional charges that you will have to bear such as cell phones, two-way radios or computer equipment?
• Will the pricing have an automatic percentage increment at the time of renewal of the contract?


To summarize we will say that hiring the right bodyguard is quite important and by following the above tips you will certainly be able to find the right bodyguard.