4 Tips on How to Choose an ID Badge Lanyard

ID badge lanyards are probably one of those office essentials that you cannot skip. Over the years we have noticed that offices order these all the time. However, they customize it according to their needs.


It isn’t difficult to find customized lanyards, you can find custom lanyards online without worrying about the quality of the product. However, choosing the right ID badge lanyard can be tricky. Here are some tips for selecting the right one for you:


These come in two options, the breakaway and the non-breakaway types. The breakaway lanyard is comparatively safer than its non-breakaway counterpart. Let’s say if your lanyard gets stuck somewhere, the breakaway will open automatically reducing injury chances.


A standard lanyard is 36 inches long but it varies in style. Flat braid and round braid lanyards are the most commonly used ones. Recycled plastic and bamboo lanyards are a more eco-friendly option whereas the OptiWeave and OptiBraid allow you to detach the ID while wearing it.

Custom lanyards

As we mentioned above, most companies prefer customizing their lanyards. They get their logos, company name, mission statement or even aim printed on the lanyard. It can be printed in any color, size and font.

Card attachment

There are several ways in which you can attach and detach your ID card. The lanyard hook is the most popular one but there are others such as cell phone hook, swivel hook and bulldog clip.

So these were some quick and easy tips for our readers. We hope that this was helpful and you find the right ID badge lanyard.