All About Fan Coils

Fan coil is also an ac unit. Its most important components are fin and coil heat exchanger, fan and skillet. If you twist frightening water into the heat exchanger, then your fan will ship out cool atmosphere, in the event you twist heated water into the heat exchanger, the fan will ship out heated atmosphere.

Enormous buildings are all convenient to set up fan coil components, such as for example air-port, hospital, office building, hotel, department store, faculty, mill.

You will find ceiling hidden type fan coils and floor cabinet design fan coils, tape style fan coils, and also suitable type fan coils. The ceiling hidden type fan coil has been installed above the ceiling, and it’s likewise needed to put in the supply-air socket, return air ducts and air duct linking to that inlet and outlet.

A ground cabinet style blower coil (which is also known as “ขดลวดเป่า” in Thai language) is generally installed across the window, which means that its source air can heat the window at cold temperatures, and your window can do away with the condensing water issue.

Fan coil can be needed to put in inlet and outlet cooling/heating water-pipes and also a condensate pipe. And in addition, it has to put in a solenoid valve onto the water heater, that this valve can be controlled with a thermostat, and then your air-conditioning room’s temperature is put to a desirable temperature.

Before purchasing enthusiast coil please be sure the following things:

1) Heating / Heating power.

2) Topical static pressure for ducting.

3) Employed aspect of plain water link.

4) Power supply.