All About Recent Risperdal Settlements

The makers of Risperdal have settled with the Justice Department in 2013 for around 2.2 Billion Dollars. Currently they are settling with the States, and the Risperdal Settlement amounts are also staggering.

Johnson and Johnson Company is still involved in litigation regarding one of their premiere drugs called Risperdal, and the medical links that have been made between this drug and male breast growth or gynecomastia. The litigation stems from this drug being marketed to teenage boys without FDA approval, which is unethical and illegal, this drug was given to boys while the side effects had not yet been tested for patients that young. If you want to know more about this condition, then you can also contact Risperdal Male Breasts Lawsuits: Risperdal Boys Breast Growth Lawsuit Center.

In many cases, especially boys, Risperdal gynecomastia was formed and is unable to be resolved without costly corrective surgeries or intensive testosterone treatment. Often times these surgeries are considered cosmetic which are not covered by insurance companies and also may cost up to $3,500 out of pocket. 

As risperdal is one of the few antipsychotics which is covered by medical aid and though this surgery may seem like it is at the lower end of the cost spectrum, bit it will likely remain out of reach for most of these patients. Especially considering these growths are an effect from a medicine that they were prescribed to help those who are suffering from this condition, not ruin their lives.