All About Talcum Powder

Talc or talcum powder is a mineral that is usually found in nature. Talc is one of the best-known minerals and can be easily scraped with a fingernail. The chemical name for Talc or talcum powder is the hydrated magnesium (mg) silicate. You can visit in order to get more information about talcum powder.

Talc has its various uses in all aspects of life and business. Some uses for Talc or Talcum Powder are paint, ceramics, plastic materials and personal drying powder.Talc Powder is also used in mold-suppressing agents and textiles. 

One of the great qualities of talcum powder is that it is great at absorbing moisture. It is a fine powder and this helps give it the capability to absorb moisture from the skin.

Another great benefit of applying talc or talcum powder to the skin is that by keeping your skin dry, you decrease the risk of getting a rash of chaffing due to moisture on the skin which causes friction.

Talc is excavated out of the earth as are most minerals found in products today. Talc is mined out of the ground in large mines and then is ground into a fine powder. 

Grinding talc is not very hard as it is one of the finest materials known to man. On the Ohm scale, which measures a metal hardness ranks minerals in hardness from 5-10. 


Many chemicals contain or release formaldehyde which is a carcinogen, neurotoxin, irritant, and sensitizer. To know more about talcum powder cancer lawyer you can browse this site.

These include hydantoin, Imidazolidinyl urea, Diazolidinyl urea, quaternion 15, sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate and bronopol (2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol. 

Other chemicals that may also cause reactions include the parabens, methylchloroisothiazolinone, and methylisothiazolinone.


It may include carcinogenic contaminants and products containing talc, including baby powder, should never be used on babies and kids.

Many people believe that all products are dangerous ingredients and they are not used for children but it is not true in all case because natural products are beneficial for children.