Tokyo Ghouls – A Manga Packed With Great Characters

As Kaneki disappeared in the Tokyo Ghoul series, the police get somehow confused, too. However, in comparison to Toka, they still develop to a considerable extent. As in the first season, Amon the investigator was probably the character that had the most screentime, just besides the deceased partner of his. The series continues to spend […]

Manga review – 2001 Nights and 3×3 Eyes

2001 Nights This serious, even stodgy science fiction anthology consists of linked stories about the human exploration of space, starting from the space shuttle and the Cold War era, to the far future when humans use technological advances to colonize distant planets. The echoes of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 are intentional; there’s even a joke […]

How a Toronto SEO Company Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

Improving the quality of your website a little everyday will surely drive more traffic to your business. Besides giving the regular visitors to your website new content, you are providing a more clear and readable experience for new readers too. A Toronto SEO company will show you small techniques that can be implemented slowly to […]

How to promote your restaurant online

Do you own a restaurant in Singapore? Do you have everything including the halal certification in Singapore? Are you trying to promote your restaurant online to bring more customers? There are multiple ways to promote a restaurant online. Facebook Ads Let’s not underestimate the Facebook ads. You can kill it on Facebook for local traffic. […]