Briefly Explained Religions of Thailand

Land & People

Thailand was called Siam until 1939 when it had been changed to Muang Thai or Prathet Thai, which both mean “Land of the Free.”  After World War II it reverted to Siam to get a short time but eventually became Thailand again in 1949.  It’s about the size of France and shaped just like a tall tree leaning to the best.

Thai school kids are educated to spell out the form of this country within a person’s head with a long hanging backward.  It’s bordered to the west and northwest by Burma (Myanmar), to the northeast by Laos, to the east by Cambodia, and on the south from Malaysia, the Gulf of Thailand, and also the Andaman Sea. To know more about religions of Thai culture you can browse this link: 

The Religions of Thailand The Central Plain

This really is a very big and mostly flat alluvial plain on that Bangkok stands and at which a sizable percentage of Thailand’s rice crop is increased.  The heart of this stark is Bangkok, with the double city of Thonburi over the lake (together they’re called Metropolitan Bangkok).  Metropolitan Bangkok can be an enormous, sprawling city of approximately 10 million who has expanded rapidly over the previous forty decades.

All the Thai cities have been minnows in contrast.  Like most other Third World cities, it’s actually a magnet for the rural poor; also there are cases of poverty and wealth.  It is affected with a weak infrastructure, including dreadful contamination, and grid locked traffic.