Change CPU Preference for Foreground Apps

To set CPU priority to prefer foreground applications, there are some solutions available to solve this issue. If you would like your foreground software to work faster than you need to specify CPU priority properly. Processor allotted time to run all app in laptop or computer either in background or in foreground. Computer programs demand resources from CPU to execute properly. Time might be allotted equally among running software. Many apps may get a bit longer time since causing some other programs to receive shorter time comparatively. When you wish your foreground applications to work quicker, than you should set CPU priority appropriately. Follow procedure below to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps:

Set CPU Priority to prefer foreground apps By Control Panel

In the first step, get access into Microsoft windows with admin user account. Now, tap Windows + X to launch Quick Access menu. Click Control Panel in the menu to begin Control Panel. Select “System and Security” within the Control Panel and next select “System”. A new window opened where you need to choose the “Advanced system settings” within the left side of display window, which will launch a totally new window “System Properties”. Go to “Advanced” tab and simply click “Settings” below Performance options. A new window labeled as Performance Options starts where you need to click “Advanced” tab once again and tick Programs to ‘Adjust for best performance of programs’ and then click Apply and OK. This option is normally adjust by default in Windows.

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