Choose the top rated air cleaners based on your need

Nowadays air purifier for home become more and more popular for we’ve realized that the inside air is heavier than the air outside. And good air purifier is able to remove all contaminants like tobacco smoke, pollen, pet dander and dust. Of course not all air cleaners on the market offer same purification system. Thus, you should do some researches to help you find the best one for your need before you buy it.

The first one is to check out the coverage of your models, and make sure the effective area is larger than your room area so as to guarantee the efficiency of your machine.

Select the purification method suitable for your room. Ozone generator filters the mold and fungi air by zone. Remember there is no human or pets in your room when the machine is working.

HEPA air cleaning system is the best choice to remove no matter pet dander or smoke without producing any harmful gases.

Electrostatic or Ionic purifiers work very quiet and most of these types of air cleaner offer permanent filter. Thus you don’t have to worry about the money and time on filter replacement. Consider all of features I’ve mentioned above, I think you can make your choice on your own. If you think you still need to know more to make sure you can get the best one, you can learn more about the best home air cleaners by clicking here