Customized Wooden Cigar Boxes

Crafting a wooden cigar box may be quite a fun endeavor, particularly in the event that you’re planning to present it to a person that likes to smoke cigars. All these are now a very stylish yet imperial present option for men of all ages. Therefore, which makes it personal for gifting purpose could be quite a unique experience. You can check out a variety of high-quality humidors at

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Wooden cigar boxes are primarily creased with cedar timber since it’s by far the most fitting of all of the forests to keep apt humidity amount for cigars. In any case, cedar is known to possess a nice odor. Generally, the inside of a nice cigar box is lined with cedar wood, although the outside is frequently made from hardwood.

Hardwoods refer to walnut, cherry, mahogany, redwood, spruce and walnut woods. It’s a personal decision to produce the cigar box entirely out of both of the forests or in conjunction with wood and cedar.


Slice the hardwood according to the calculated dimensions with a table saw and miter attachment. Then you would have to rout out the corner joints with the support of a corner joint router and bit. Collect the whole box by tapping wood glue on the connecting sides of this corner joint, and then repair the sides together and allow them to dry.

Wood End

A perfect cigar box is finished by trimming the 3 aspects of this box namely- shirt, corners and sides with a 120-grit and 360-grit sand newspaper. Therefore, for finishing around the corners out with sandpaper till it features an impeccable appearance.