Dana White Discusses Moment From Mayweather/McGregor Promo Tour

There were many tense minutes amid the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor limited time visit that made stops in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York City, and London a week ago. From McGregor making some possibly bigot comments to Mayweather to Mayweather calling McGregor a stripper and making it rain in front of an audience, the two contenders went too far various circumstances. When they hit London, it really got the opportunity to be a tad bit excessively for most easygoing battle fans. It transformed into a carnival. 

The words that Mayweather and McGregor traded over the span of the promo visit for their Aug. 26 battle didn't trouble UFC president Dana White, however. He showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, and he disclosed to Jimmy Kimmel that the forward and backward between warriors is all piece of the development encompassing a battle. In any case, there was one minute towards the finish of the promo visit that made him especially anxious. 

Amid public interviews like the ones that Mayweather and McGregor partook in amid their promo visit, White clarified that he must keep contenders from following each other physically. He's frequently seen remaining in the middle of two contenders to prevent them from battling. 

"I landed one position," White told Kimmel. "Ensure these two don't touch each other… That's essentially what I do at these public interviews and measure ins, since when you have two folks who are viewed as the best, baddest folks on the planet, whatever you need to call it, and they touch each other on national TV, worldwide TV… " 

"They experience passionate feelings for here and there?" Kimmel inquired. 

"No, it's the correct inverse," White said. "It's the correct inverse. 'You have slighted me before the world, and now I have to respond.'" 

White could prevent Mayweather and McGregor from coming into contact with each other amid the initial three stops on the promo visit. In a video that surfaced after the primary quit demonstrating the vis-à-vis meeting amongst Mayweather and McGregor, White could be heard advising the two warriors not to touch each other. In any case, amid the fourth stop in London, White said that McGregor accomplished something that made him truly frantic—and that could have begun a real battle amongst Mayweather and McGregor appropriate in front of an audience. 

You can watch White converse with Kimmel about the minute at the 4-minute characteristic of the video above. Amid his sit-down with Kimmel, White likewise examined McGregor's odds against Mayweather, Donald Trump's enthusiasm for going to the Mayweather/McGregor battle, the ticket circumstance for the battle, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.