Enjoy a Great Thai Meal With Your Loved Ones


Food is everyone's delight. It is the quintessential reason why we work and live. To quench our hunger pangs, we can go any distance and our search for the perfect food is never ending.

One of the best cuisines in the world is Thai food. Not only it is great in taste but also offers a sumptuous variety. Thai food is Asian and an exquisite blend of perfect spices. If you are searching for the perfect Thai restaurant in Melbourne then your search is over. Ghin Khao is a popular and traditional restaurant that serves authentic Thai food from the past 10 years.  It is a favourite hangout of locals, passerby’s and all Thai lovers.

  • Amazing Taste to Satisfy Your Taste Buds: Thai food served at the restaurant is cooked to perfection. The chefs are experienced and are Thai natives that have a great sense of the country's culture. They use the ingredients and spices in correct proportion to please all kinds of customers.
  • Moderate Pricing for Great Tasting: The food at the restaurant is amazing and nothing for the price it is against for. It is affordable to any class of people and anybody can come and enjoy a great platter without having to worry about the bill. The ambience, atmosphere and dècor are sure to please you and will enjoy a memorable time with your loved ones.

If you wish to enjoy a great Thai food then this restaurant is a must to try.