Experience the difference with a fibre glass pool

In northern Queensland is situated a city named Townsville. It has a wonderful island offshore which is an eye catcher for thousands of people. It is a lively city with young crowd. It has a tropical dry climate. Due to this people love to stroll off in the swimming pools to feel fresh and relaxed.


There are number of exotic spas and swimming pools available in here. The most famous and luxurious ones are the fibreglass pools in Townsville. These pools are composite based unit, constructed in the factory. It is made from 3 to 4 layers of gel – coat, polyester resin, woven fibre glass cloth and sealer coat.

Design and look

With the introduction of new materials like cantilever concrete coping, fibre optic lighting, water line ceramic tile, coloured pool finishes, mosaic inlay tile, water features etc, make the fibre glass pool looking beautiful and permanent.

 Earlier these pools looked very ugly. But today due to new innovations in materials and other finishes they look beautiful as compared to others.

Low maintenance and repairs

Most of the pools require lot of care and maintenance. It also includes a lot of expenditure .on the other hand fibreglass pool requires low maintenance in terms of chemicals and also less repairs and expenses.

Long lasting

The fibre glass pool has the quality of longevity. Therefore, the cost incurred over its lifetime is much lower as compared to other pools.

These pools are constrained to a limit of 8’deeper and 16’ wide. Hence it is difficult to customise the shape and depth of the pool.