Future of 3D Video Games , VR and AR

Most of us recognize that the TV and film business is moving towards 3-D, and shortly we'll have 3-D video games too. 3D technology has proven very successful in the business of movies.

The hologram is the latest technology which can give more realistic experience to the users. You may click here https://holocube-na.com/ to know more about this revolutionary technology.

Are you prepared for this future?

Well then, suppose that I took this conversation one step further and told me the future of video games will also incorporate a computer-human interface. The movie game will pick up in your brain waves, so it is going to understand what it is you are considering, and when you're likely to make a move before you create it, it is going to expect and act quicker than your mind and body will move the control rod.

Future of 3D Video Games , VR and AR

This way the video game may work against you personally as the final competitor as it understands your every move beforehand, or it might work with you as will the upcoming fighting weapons, and it'll fire as you are still making the choice and sending the instincts your finger down to pull the trigger.

Once I think about the future of neuroscience, I instantly Consider things such as;

  • Computer-Human Interfaces for VR and AR,
  • Video Communication,
  • Military Control of Robotics,
  • AI Assist for Problem Solving.
  • Topical Additional Sensors like Lidar, Sonar, 3-D Frequency Visualization, Infrared, and
  • How to Input All This in the Brain to Help