GGG And Canelo Fight Is The Best Middleweight Bout To Happen As Per De La Hoya

Time will be tested again in the boxing industry as the most anticipated fight is about to happen on the 16th of September at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena branded to be the mega fight of the year; the Canelo vs GGG live bout – middleweight championship. This is the long awaited fight until Canelo hit the shot to face one of the best in the middleweight division and this time Canelo will prove to the whole world that he is the best there is in the industry.

Gennady Golovkin has a professional record of 37-0 with a very high knockout rating of 86%, on the other hand, Canelo Alvarez has a record of 49-1-1, not bad as well but he has a lower knockout rate compared to Golovkin. As per Oscar De La Hoya is one of the promoters of the fight, he stated with conviction that this will be one of the most unforgettable fights that is going to happen and a real fight as he could say. Although the Mayweather and Conor about is a few days away, it does not divert everything to the Canelo versus Golovkin and Oscar has nothing to worry.

Time and time again, Mexican fighters have always been exciting to watch and they are the most explosive fighters in the ring. That being said as well, Canelo is a Mexican fighter and Golovkin (although not Mexican) he adopted a Mexican way of fighting given that his trainer is a Mexican, Abel Sanchez. This will be a war, a battle that either of the fighters should win. And whoever wins the fight will open up more opportunities in the industry thus these fighters will not take a breather but focus only on their upcoming bout. Moreover, there are a lot of titles in the line and Golovkin will be defending all titles.