Great Location and Excellent Prices residences for sale

Apartments can be divided into three ranges.The lowest range priced below R$300,000 consists of one bedroom apartments with reserved parking in nice condos located in the village.The condo may offer a pool, garden, and some other leisure facilities. Round the clock security is usually offered.

The middle range is priced from R$300,000 to R$375,000. In this range, you will get better locations and larger two bedroom apartments with maybe one suite.If you are looking for affordable price apartments then browse the link:

You can expect about 80 to 120 sq. meters of built-up area.Condos are located close to the beach, close to the green line or near the sea. You can also expect security, swimming pool, garden, parking, gym, barbecue, laundry, etc. as part of the common facilities.

Apartments in luxury condos and upmarket gated communities near the ecological reserve or close to the beaches will cost above R$375,000.You can expect fully furnished apartments with three suites, air-conditioning, maid room, central heating and reserved parking.

Other features like a pool, garden, playground, employee quarters, club, concierge, ballroom, etc. will be available in most condos.Mid-range houses costing between R$500,000 to R$1,000,000 are located in quiet areas of the village or in condos close to the beach