Has Ali Express Replaced Worldwide Brands?

Ali Express and Worldwide Brands are resources (this Worldwide Brands review explains in more detail what each offers) for new online retailers who are looking for cheap and reliable wholesalers and drop shippers.  But while Worldwide Brands has been established since 1999, Ali Express is relatively new – but growing in popularity very fast.  So which is the most useful source of suppliers?

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is a basic directory – you can only search for products and suppliers by keyword and the results just show you their contact information.  You will need to contact each and deal with them separatly.

The advantage that Worldwide Brands has is that it's the largest directory of certified suppliers – there are more than 15 million products available from suppliers that are guaranteed to be reliable.

Ali Express: Low Priced Chinese Wholesalers

Ali Express offers lots of cheap products – from wholesalers and drop shippers that are based in China, but will ship to the rest of the world.

The two problems with this format are that the suppliers are unverified and the shipping is really slow and can be quite unreliable, even with the 'ePacket' shipping options available.

Has Ali Express Replaced Worldwide Brands?

In a word – no, it hasn't.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages and can even compliment one another as sources of wholesale goods for an online business – giving the business owner a wider range of suppliers to chose from.