Medical Marijuana and Alzheimer Disease

There is a long list of illness that can be cured or alleviated by medical cannabis or marijuana. One of these illness will be mentioned here – specifically – Alzheimer's disease.  Ten years ago, researches in the Scripps Research Institute in California discovered that an active ingredient in marijuana can prevent an enzyme from speeding […]

Facts About Six Pack Shortcuts

People are becoming more health conscious and they pursue such lifestyle that could help them stay in good shape. Apart from staying fit, people love to develop six abs. For a small number, it's not difficult, as they already have a great body or a weight loss plan that works for them naturally (internally).  For […]

Mineral Makeup for Oily Skin

Nowadays mineral makeup is becoming very popular among beauticians, women and dermatologists. It is claimed that mineral make is made up of hundred percent micronized minerals. It is famous for being suitable for oily and sensitive skin types because it does not consist of any chemical ingredients. Some other reasons that mineral makeup is suitable […]