What are all the potential dangers of the workout supplements?

Today, a lot of people who prefer fitness want to use the several types and brands of workout supplements before or after their gym workouts. Even though they have been providing several fitness and body building benefits to the users, there is also a dark side to give potential dangers to your entire lifestyle. Everyone […]

Juicing Can be Risky to Health, According to The Latest Research!

What is it? The process of liquidizing different vegetables and fruits for drinking purpose with a machine, called ‘juicing’ has made the whole world crazy for it, and not just that, there have been rumors about the Duchess of Cambridge, Carol Voderman and Gwyneth Paltrow being fans of juicing as well. But some of the […]

Who’s Dr. Paul C. Lee?

Science has made so many breakthroughs to improve everyone's vision. LASIK suregery is one of them. Are you looking for the top ICL surgeon in the nation? Is yes, then you should check Dr. Paul C. Lee. Dr. Paul C. Lee is a Pioneer and a leader in the field of Vision Correction; he is also the […]