Healthy food, exercise, or supplements?

The majority of the people today are unable to make the right decisions. They are unable to decide whether they need to eat healthy food, do exercise, or use supplements to stay healthy.

It is confusing yet challenging because you come up with different opinions.

Some experts will recommend sticking to healthy and organic food while others will suggest doing exercise regularly 7 days a week, and nutritionists do not might recommending carotene supplement or other health supplements.

These different opinions make things hard.

Let us make it simple.

Why not test and try yourself?

I mean why do not you try all the three, and potentially all other, techniques yourself one after another and see how it goes for you?

It is easy.

If there are three methods, stick to one method for a month and see if it works. Measure the effects. It will take three months to solve the biggest mystery of your life. You will not have to beg others and seek information from them. If it works for you, there is no need to look at the scientific experiments and on all those suggestions. Just stick it.

If healthy food keeps you healthy, stick to it. If supplements do, use them. There is no big deal here.