How to Find the Best Martial Arts to Train?

Many people want to know what the best martial arts to train are. Such a query is not always simply answered, as many factors go into what one person may call the "best martial arts."

The difficulty with many martial arts nowadays is not the art itself, but the translation of the martial art from its new source to the lineage of students that come from it. For more information about martial arts, you can visit at



 Another idea to reflect is that each person's idea of "best" is not always the same. And finally, the devotion and mastery of an instructor is the perfect way to find the "best" martial arts, not arbitrating how good a school is ONLY on style or fancy décor.

All combat arts are the same. Some may look a little different from others, but the strategies used are universal. Therefore, there is no such thing as the best martial arts, merely superior martial artists. The quality of instruction a person receives is of the utmost position, as many claim to teach the way but do not them selves fully comprehend the art.

A person who is taught badly will produce bad students. This is the reason many people say things like, "black belts can't really fight," or "this art is better than that art." In reality, many things could cause this thinking.

 Insufficient training, never fully learning the art to begin with, and "adding" changes to the art can greatly modify the way it was originally conveyed. Also, many instructors of old kept many things secret, or even taught a "pseudo" art to outsiders (especially Americans) to protect their family heritage. The notion that best martial arts exist is a misconception that stems from many causes that are not seen nor understood by the general public.