How You Can Get A Science Based Six Pack In 90 Days

Have you ever wondered why the endless regimen of crunches and sit ups are not producing results for your tummy? Science has proven that abdominal workouts alone are insufficient at reducing gut fat that hides the proverbial six pack.

The Science Based Six Pack program can give you back your abs by taking advantage of how the body works and the truth about effective weight loss.

This three phase 90 day program specifically targets and eliminates the fat around your stomach. Anyone can take these benefits in as little as 30 days and keep that level of fitness too.

Meta Shift Phase

The first phase introduces your body to a strategic fasting routine. This puts your body in survival mode that trains itself to be metabolically efficient.

Fat intake reduction in this phase carefully places the body in a state that encourages a lean body without sacrificing muscle.

Meta Burn Phase

This phase slowly introduces carbohydrates in order to stimulate the already accelerated metabolism. This “Fast Break Strategy” accelerates weight loss by strategically introducing carbohydrates in a controlled fashion.

The Science Based Six Pack program increases the amount of carbohydrates coming into the body in such a way that it does not end up returning as fat. This avoids chances unnecessary calories piling up into the body.

Meta Keto Phase

The ketogenic phase reduces the carbohydrate intake and increases fat intake. This lack of carbohydrates forces the body to oxidize fat facilitating in greater fat loss.

This trains the body to substitute fat for carbohydrates and use it as a primary energy source. The body burns up fat immediately the moment it enters due to the absence of other sources of energy.

The Science Based Six Pack program from not only gives you a proven formula to get those washboard abs you desire, but it also trains your body to maintain this new found physique.