Make Your German Shepherd A Babysitter

German Shepherds are natural babysitters! Even if you have a newborn baby, still shower your pup with lots of love, affection and best dry dog food for german shepherds, everything will be alright. Act like you are the leader in the house (as a matter of fact, you are), and then you will be treated like one. In fact, your behavior towards your dog matters, and it will affect how your dog will act towards your baby. What you want is that your dog will respect everyone in the house, the kid included. Then teach your dog the following things.

You still love him

Give him the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs if he is infected, ask for someone to take him on walks, respect his daily meals portions. 

Be firm and fair

Don't let your dog get away with bad behaviors, but don't be too strict. Make corrections towards the unwanted actions, but be as gentle as possible, as long as they are effective. Have fun all the time, you must have been stressed, too. You both need to enjoy your times with each other in critical situations like these.

Mind your tone of voice

Please don't yell at your dog. If your house is small or if the baby is nearby (anyway, keep the baby near you) he or she will be startled, too. Convey the commands through your tone of voice, in short, and clear sentences. Try lower your voice as much as possible. A dog will probably not understand commands in a high pitched voice. 

Be calm

Your dog lives off your emotions. If you are relaxed and confident, so will your dog be. Show them that you are doing a good job at leading the house, so that he won't have the feeling he has to do it. Show him that you care for the baby, and the baby is precious, and the dog will feel (and do) the same, too.