Memorable Tour with Osmeña Peak and Kawasan Waterfalls

The province of Cebu is well-known to have the best tourist spots in the country and has been welcoming guests non-stop. Because of the scenic views that the province has, over time, it has become one of the best tourist hub known outside of the country. Although it is apparent that its landforms, marine diversity and beaches are above and beyond expectations, activities are incorporated to make the place more interesting and fascinating since there most of the province’s guests are young individuals who are in for an adventure.

 Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls adventure or tour is one perfect escapade that they should not miss. Habal habal is a local name for motorcycle transport and although traveling on foot is possible, riding a habal habal is more convenient so to speak. Such transport gives them (tourists) a different kind of experience and thrill especially if it is their first time riding it. What makes their journey interesting is the challenging road conditions that they will be passing through. Once they reach their destination, activities such as cliff jumping and diving are some of the things that they will enjoy, that is with the consent of the local guides that are safe-guarding the area – safety is very important.