Mineral Makeup for Oily Skin

Nowadays mineral makeup is becoming very popular among beauticians, women and dermatologists. It is claimed that mineral make is made up of hundred percent micronized minerals. It is famous for being suitable for oily and sensitive skin types because it does not consist of any chemical ingredients. Some other reasons that mineral makeup is suitable for oily skin type are mentioned below:


  • Mineral makeup consists of pure minerals with basic ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide. These ingredients help to protect skin against harsh sunrays and climate changes.
  • All mineral makeup products like bare mineral powder foundation have sunscreen properties, which keeps the skin hydrated and is soothing for damaged skin.
  • It does not block pores or cause skin to get dry but it protects sensitive skin.
  • Mineral makeup helps to absorb extra oil produced by skin allowing skin to breathe and is light in weight.
  • One can easily hide dark spots, blemishes and acne scare by using mineral foundations in addition to giving the skin an even and smooth look by covering up redness or blotches.
  • Many dermatologists recommend mineral makeup for people with severe skin allergies, acne and rosacea as mineral makeup helps to heal, nourish and soothe damaged skin.
  • Another benefit of using mineral makeup is that it provides with full and flawless coverage which lasts for a long time. It is often recommended by experts and dermatologist for oily skin type.

These are a few reasons why experts, professional and dermatologists recommend mineral makeup for oil skin.