Oslob Whale sharks and Canyoneering in Cebu

Whale shark watching has always been a favorite by foreign and non-local tourists as they visit Oslob which is located in the south area of the province of Cebu. There are a limited places that whale sharks can be found and Oslob is taking pride of what they have since it helped in promoting their tourism as well. Day after day, tourists keep coming in as they want to experience it firsthand what it is to swim along with them (whale sharks). Local boatmen of Oslob are making sure that the creatures are well-taken care of and made sure that they are far away from harm.

On the other hand, canyoneering is another fun activity located in the south still where they (tourists) get to trek for more than an hour and the activity challenges their physique if they can finish the tour. They get to climb and walk in boulders which is apparently challenging and go on cliff jumping as well. Whale shark and canyoneering  by far are the best activities that is a hit to tourists coming in the province and its increase in tourist visits have been consistent. Both activities are the best thing to do and just finish up the day.