Overview On Taxotere Lawsuits

Cancer patients who need to go through treatment know that their beautiful hair might fall out because of the use of strong drugs, but they are told by doctors that their hair will grow back a few months after treatment ends.

Cancer patients also expect that, there is some chemo drug presents an unusually high risk for permanent hair loss, that they can be informed of this area effect in order to make an informed health care decision. You can also click here to chat live with our experts and get best solutions for your all queries and doubts.

Taxotere is basically used to treat breast cancer; however, this drug may also be prescribed for the treatment of prostate cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, stomach cancer head cancer and neck cancer.

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Basically, this drug works by interfering with the spread and growth of cancer cells in the entire body. This drug is made by Sanofi SA manufacturers and was firstly approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the year of 1996.

 Cancer patients were prescribed Taxotere drug for the treatment of their symptoms. Various studies have been reported and these reports showed a link between the use of Taxotere drug and permanent hair loss.

After some time, Sanofi included warnings on Taxotere bought from Europe countries and in Canada, but there were no such warnings were included Taxotere bought in the US until 2015.

Therefore, many ladies claim that they suffered from devastating; everlasting hair thinning that could have recently been prevented.