How To Train The Dog?

How well is your dog trained? A proper training will be a strong weapon for ensuring safety of the dog. A well trained dog will respond promptly to the commands and cleverly divert any mis-happening. It is indeed very important for the safety of your dog that he or she should be obedient and quick […]

Caring for Your Puppy

Clipping Toenails It is important to clip your puppy's toenails. If you’re not sure you want to try it, you can always go to a professional to cut your puppy’s toenails. Clipping your puppy’s toenails avoids them having to experience overgrown toenails that might eventually push into your dog’s paw, hurting them in the process. […]

Morphy Richards Rice Cooker

Morphy Richards appliances are a favorite among the Indian community. Their rice cookers and steamers are a big cultural hit in the states and over in India. Morphy Richards has several models ranging in cup size form 5 -10 cups. Rice cooker models Morphy Richards first model is the 48744 chrome 1.8 liter. It can […]