Prevent Chemotherapy Side Effects

Many tens of thousands of individuals each year experience chemo and fight with chemotherapy side effects. You can browse to know more about chemotherapy side effects.

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If you’re expecting chemotherapy and therefore are hesitant to undergo this therapy due to frequent side effects of nausea, hair loss, tiredness and joint pain, then you might want to think about choosing Graviola capsules or Paw-Paw Cell-Reg.

I conduct a well-known choice cancer recovery site and have received opinions from individuals who’ve taken Graviola/Paw-Paw Mobile Reg capsules for this objective.

1 woman who emailed me clarified she began chemo originally and felt so sick with all the side effects she gave up. She was then told about Graviola capsules and began carrying them and started a new course of chemotherapy.

She wrote in her email after being on chemo for a single month she had no side effects in any way, and others around her and the medical institution were shocked.

A number of studies are done on Graviola/Paw-Paw and its therapeutic properties, one especially from Purdue University in the USA in which Graviola/Paw-Paw (also called Annona Muricata) was demonstrated to kill cancer cells, fungi, parasites, and enhance the immune system.

Dr Jerry McLaughlin, Purdue University┬┤s lead researcher clarified that cancer cells create a protein pump to expel a lot of the chemotherapy agent until it can operate, and the “annona compound ” found in Graviola/Paw-Paw by-passes this also kills the cancer cell.

The “annona compound” located in Graviola/Paw-Paw prevents the cancer cells by turning to the protein pump which could otherwise have expelled the chemotherapy medication.