Science Based Six Pack Provides Men A Plan To Boost Their Metabolism And Burn Fat

Is your metabolic rate slowing down over the past few years? Your body may even be packing a few more pounds over the years without you noticing. With age comes a huge decline in a person’s metabolic rate. Here is how the Science Based Six Pack program can help you lose fat and boost your metabolic rate.

The Science Based Six Pack program utilizes an intermittent fasting method, which is believed to be the most efficient way to burn fat. On top of that, it requires very little change in your normal routine. This changes not what you eat, but when you eat it, so you still get to have all the food you normally enjoy.

The program is a 90 day diet course broken up into three 30-day phases. The strategy behind the Science Based Six Pack will train your body to develop more lean muscle at the same time help you burn fat and get six pack abs. The intermittent fasting introduced by the Science Based Six Pack program will boost energy production in the body, which promotes protein synthesis to help new muscles to grow and aid in the rate of muscle recovery.

A Basic and a Fast Track plan is offered, which tackles the program in slightly different ways. The Basic plan is a flexible option perfect for those less experienced in dieting or preparing meals in advance, while the Fast Track option works better for those with previous experience in eating health.

The Science Based Six Pack program includes five video tutorials instructs you on all that is needed to learn all about how the diet and exercise programs work. Nine workout videos are also included providing demonstrations on how to perform each exercise with detailed instructions as well as alternatives for beginners. Three PDFs are part of the package that includes the outline of the Science Based Six Pack program in detail.