Shenzhen – Beautiful City in China

Shenzhen is a city located in Guangdong Province, China, directly on the border with the New Regions of Hong Kong. Over 12 million residents live and work in here and the increasing young people are pouring into Shenzhen.

It's likely that your travel to China does say much about this city for cheap knockoff shopping. Similarly, if you ask people in Hong Kong about Shenzhen, they will pretend to think it's still a small and poor village, and you should consider that it gone forever.

These old impressions couldn't be updated from the truth. Shenzhen's amazing fast growth is the reason travel books can not be updated timely, and perhaps Hong Kong people will have a certain fear and envy Shenzhen residents’shiny wealth.

Every year, a large number of tourists come to here. Shenzhen, as a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city, provides a wide range of cultural and leisure venues for tourists, as well as extraordinary shopping and dining. If you been to Hong Kong, you should visit – fast, fashionable and energetic.

If you are really curious about Shenzhen, you maybe visit here. You can visit well-known buildings of Shenzhen. One of famous building is Diwang Building, which is the second-highest skyscraper in Shenzhen and it is the symbol of the city. You can cost 80RMB to go to the viewing floor and look over the panorama of Shenzhen city.