Simple Steps For Installing Roku Mobile App

Now controlling your Roku device like Roku TV, Roku Player etc., is a way easier than it just seems. You can control them from anywhere on your smartphone with just a Roku app that you can get easily. This Roku app will add much more fun with additional features to your Roku hence making your streaming much easier and convenient. Setting up Roku app will be different from the process of Roku setup, but if you will follow below-mentioned steps in the same order, then you will not face any difficulty.

Roku Mobile app gives you access to the following features:

  • Voice search
  • Keyboard Search
  • Private Listening
  • Share media files with Roku TV
  • Check what’s new with the entertainment guide

The Roku mobile application is available in almost every language. It’s a free application for Android and iOS that turns your smartphone into a remote control of your Roku media streaming player. To access the app you need to have your smartphone and your Roku device connected to the same wireless network.

Steps to connect Roku mobile app:

  • Launch the mobile app after connecting it to the same network to which the Roku device is connected.
  • Discover the Roku device which you want to control your network.
  • After you will be prompted to the home screen, from where you can get control of your Roku device.

But what if you couldn’t see your Roku device in discovery? Sometimes it may be if the network access of your Roku device has not been disabled. In such a case here is what you need to check first;

  • Click ‘Home’ on your Roku remote.
  • Choose ‘advanced system settings’ from ‘Settings’ menu.
  • First, click on ‘external control’ and then select ‘network access’.
  • Finally, you need to ensure that default or permissive is selected to access mobile app.

To know more on how to setup Roku or in case of any trouble when installing Roku mobile app, Please don’t hesitate to connect to our Roku tech support team as soon as possible because if you delay more, then there are chances that the complications would further rise.