Steps to Take Care of Your Eye Health

A basic eye test can help detect the early warning signals of some conditions like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and glaucoma.

You can find now 1.8 million individuals in the UK that are living with vision loss. For over half these individuals (53%), this sight loss may happen to be preventable with standard vision tests and early treatment.

Some folks do have to pay, although everyone can have an eye test. Nevertheless, a substantial percentage of the UK public does qualify for free sight tests. Seek advice from the local optician and they are able to tell you if you qualify.

Recall for elderly, the weak or housebound, they may not be ineligible to have a domiciliary sight test at home. It's so very important to these people to keep good eye sight to help preserve freedom.

Your eye health to enhance

Attend your optician for standard eye tests – every two years, more often than this if you might have other health conditions including diabetes

See optician or your physician if you see an alteration in your eyesight or have any concerns

See your physician promptly if your kid or you have a surprising fall in vision, double vision, acute persistent headaches or develop a worsening or new squint to exclude any underlying medical causes

Eat a healthful diet full of fruit and vegetables (foods rich in antioxidants are beneficial to eye health)

Routine exercise and restricting quantities of booze have in turn can help with healthy arteries in the eye, and helps control blood pressure

Quitting smoking may also be a major help. Smoking is the largest risk factor for developing among the largest reasons for blindness, macular generation in the united kingdom. Smoking also raises your risk of developing cataracts. Get more tips on eye care at eye pain forum