Frame Relay is Aged Media – MPLS Replaced Frame Relay

Frame Relay was among the earliest Electronic Private Network (VPN) systems used to link client websites together to move information to one another. With FR (frame relay) client websites connect with a community supplier is Frame-Relay “cloud”, generally utilizing leased-line engineering (64kbps – 2Mbps are typical in the United Kingdom). Once the customer sites all […]

Smoke Alarms Vs Heat Detector

Heat detectors are intended to minimize property damage by reacting to the change in temperature caused by a fire. whereas smoke detectors are intended to protect people and property by generating an alarm earlier in the development of a fire. People need time to react, and every second is critical during an actual fire event. […]

How To Recycle Your Cell Phones

Curious about how we turn old mobiles into new possibilities. Most cell phones comprise precious metals and plastics that may be recycled to save energy and resources that will otherwise be asked to make or mine. These substances can pollute the air and contaminate ground and drinking water when put in a landfill. There’s an […]