The Benefits Of Hiring A Toronto Law Firm

An Insight into Main Benefits of Hiring Toronto Criminal

Lawyers in a Drug Possession for the Purpose of Drug Dealing Case

Facing drug charges and a likely jail term? If you are in such situation then it will be imperative to immediately hire experienced Toronto criminal lawyers since they have required expertise to understand all aspects of the case and create a strategy which will be in your best interest. In this context we will look at how lawyers can challenge validity of search warrants as well as use strategies to reduce the sentence you have to face.

Benefits of Hiring Toronto Criminal Lawyers

Toronto criminal lawyersCan accused person challenge validity of search warrant?

Despite the fact that police used a valid warrant for searching a particular location and found the drugs, it could be possible for Toronto criminal lawyers to challenge the reasoning behind issuance of the warrant. In case upon review it is found by the judge that police relied on inaccurate or unreliable details for obtaining the warrant then the judge can rule such warrant as invalid. Accordingly, the results obtained from such search warrant will not be included as evidence during trial and it is more than likely that in such situation you will get a not guilty verdict.

What are some of the aspects considered by court to figure out whether accused had possession of drugs with the aim of Drug Dealing the same?

Some of the important factors which court looks into to determine possession of drugs include:

  • Amount of drug that was found in possession of the accused
  • Monetary value of drug that was found
  • Drug paraphernalia that was found
  • Amount as well as denomination of money found during search
  • Statement provided by the accused
  • Statements given by defence witnesses and their credibility
  • Any type of association accused person has with drug dealing
  • Unexplained wealth accused person has

In case accused person has possession of significant amount of drug then it is likely that the person will face possession with intent of drug dealing charges. However, it is important to mention here that such charges will not result in actual conviction. This is where role of Toronto criminal lawyers becomes so important since they can guide accused person to testify in the right manner.  Accused person can testify that he or she consumes a certain drug and as such had stocked up a significant amount of that drug so as to have regular supply of the same for personal use.

The benefit of such testimony will be that although it will not provide any kind of defense against possession charges but will certainly help in reducing the charges which you would have to otherwise face in case it is proved that you were in possession of the drugs with the intent of drug dealing the same. As simple possession is considered a less serious charge as compared to possession with intent of drug dealing, the sentence you will face will also be more lenient.

A Final Note

As we can see, consulting a lawyer is quite important if you are accused in a drug case since a lawyer can use his experience to get you a not guilty verdict and if that is not possible take required steps to get the jail term reduced.