Things To Look For In A Good Thai Restaurant

Looking for an authentic Thai restaurant when you are not in Thailand may not be easy. You can find many Thai restaurants but choosinga good restaurant is difficult. You should consider the following points when searching for a good Thai restaurant:

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  • No Chopsticks

Yes, Thai food is not served with chopsticks. Thai locals use forks and spoons for eating rice. Although this is a common misconception about Thai cuisine, you should remember that an authentic Thai restaurant does not need to have chopsticks.

  • Only Thai Cuisine

A good Thai restaurant menu is only restricted to Thai cuisine and nothing else.If a restaurant offers different cuisines then it might indicate that it is not an authentic Thai restaurant. For example, Thai restaurant Melbourne serves you only Thai cuisine.

  • Smaller Menu

An authentic Thai restaurant may not have a large menu. For example, in each categorythey may offer you a maximum of 10 dishes.Small menus are a clear indication that they are restricted to authentic cuisines only.

  • Thai Names

Since you are not in Thailand,restaurants may have an English menu but they must represent its Thai name alongside. If a restaurant does not know theThai name of a dish, it is difficult to trust both the authenticity and quality of the food served.

You may have wondered how to find a good Thai restaurant if you are new to this cuisine but these points are sure to help you in looking for a worthy Thai restaurant.