Tips For Keeping Your Bouquet Fresh For Longer In Summers

Courtesy: Pintrest

Fresh flowers look pleasing to the eye and add beauty to its surroundings. While most of us love receiving flower bouquets we are often worried that it won’t last for long in the summers.

Florist in Balmoral suggests that taking care of your flower bouquets increases its life. If you love flower bouquets but cannot preserve them, then here are few tips on how you can increase its lifespan.

1. Grooming

Once you have plucked the flowers and removed it from its water source, you need to trim half an inch from the bottom of the stem. Use a knife to mark the surface of the stem with slant cuts this will allow the stems to absorb water easily.

2. Hardening Flowers

Place the flowers in water with 43.5 °c after cutting its stems, because of the kinetic energy present in warm water the stems will push the water upwards quickly. Then put the flowers in a cool location for two hours to harden them.

3. Hairspray Hack

Just like the hairsprays keep our fly hair in place, they do the same for flowers and prevent them from withering. Use a hairspray from a little distance and spray it onto the flowers, making sure that you are using little amount. Then hang them upside down and you can place the flowers back in the vase once they are completely dry.

Remember just like humans need food the flowers need it too. Keep them fed and put them in cool locations away from the heat.