Tips On How To Personalize Your Banquet

4 Unique and Innovative

Ideas to Personalize Banquet Hall Decoration

During wedding planning you may want to include some ideas which will help in personalizing the occasion. There are many different things you can try to add that personal touch to your wedding reception. Our aim here will be to look into some such options you can utilize to personalize the event in a very unique way.

How to personalize decor at banquet halls Windsor?

There are many things you can do to personalize decoration at the banquet hall and make the occasion memorable. Let us look into some decoration ideas you can try.

Include Family Wedding Photographs – Replace the Guest Book – Use Innovative Wedding Favors – Modify Wedding Venue Decoration

Family Wedding Photographs

banquet halls WindsorOne of the things you can do to include a personal touch at the banquet hall would be displaying family wedding photographs for several generations (if possible). These photographs could be in vintage frames and displayed at the venue. Apart from creating a unique decorative features, these wedding photos will certainly become a talking point for your guests.

Replace the Guest Book

Another thing you can try is replace the guest book. Instead of asking them to sign the usual guest book you can ask them to put their signatures on some kind of pottery, as for instance, a large platter. This will certainly be a unique experience for your guest as well as become a memorable keepsake from your wedding, which will definitely find a place in your home.

Wedding Favors

You can have your florist create table centers having several mini vases. Guests can take these vases at the end of the reception, to be kept as wedding favor as well as a lovely reminder of your special day. Another option you can contemplate is of using fruits rather than flowers for decoration of wedding tables. Use of paper bags that are filled with cherries or baskets containing apples will certainly speak volumes about your innovative ideas. On their part, guests may well take home as wedding favors or eat them at the venue itself.

Wedding Decoration

Paper lanterns can be an innovative as well as personalized way of decorating banquet halls Windsor region. The advantage of using them is that they come cheap while make the environment at the venue cheerful. You may well tie small LED lights to make sure they continue to glow even when it gets dark. Unusual containers can also be part of your personalized venue decoration where you make use of glass jars, jugs as well as old fashioned bottles for your flowers. Guests will certainly admire the innovative use of these containers. Moreover, you can buy them for a bargain during boot sales and at charity shops. 

A Final Note

Thus, to conclude we can say that wedding reception is certainly very special for you and you can make the occasion even more special by personalizing it in different ways. 

You can try out above mentioned ideas and transform the event into something your guests will like to remember.