Tools for Accessing Fillable PDF Forms

The days when people used paper forms are long gone. Now, you can download PDF forms from the internet. You can use fillable PDF forms for any purpose including filing of income tax returns, sending feedback and so on. The use of these PDF forms is widespread in governmental organizations nowadays.

These fillable PDF forms can be accessed using Adobe’s tools. There are two tools using which you can access these PDF forms. One is the Adobe Reader and the other is the Adobe Acrobat Professional. Adobe reader is a free software. You can use it to read, fill and save PDF forms. But, Adobe Acrobat Professional is a paid software. But, you can do a lot more than just reading, filling and saving the PDF forms with Adobe Acrobat Professional. You can even create new fillable PDF forms with this paid software. It offers more features than the Adobe reader.

Actually, you cannot fill all kinds of forms with Adobe reader. It depends on what kind of security features which creators of those forms have built in them. When a particular PDF form doesn’t have extended rights, then it can only be filled in using Adobe Acrobat professional. Most fillable PDF forms available only come with extended rights by default, unless the forms have highly confidential data.