Tourism in Cebu with the whale sharks and canyoneering

Tourism in the province of Cebu has been at its peak most of the time and it has been doing pretty good. The places that the province showcases is apparently far different and unique from other neighboring provinces. With such demand of tourists and or traverses coming in, a  whale shark and canyoneering package  or bundle is offered to them to give them more options and convenience as well. Safety is another priority that the locals in the area are concern as well since they want that tourists would leave a good impression on the place and with that creates a perfect marketing strategy.

During the canyoneering activity, tour guides and or local trekkers of the place go together with their respective clients as they will try to finish the whole tour safely. They (tourists) will need to have enough energy and strong knees to traverse the two hour plus trek. On the same page, whale shark watching is another tourist attraction and more tourists keep coming in to experience firsthand what it is to swim with those docile and humongous marine creatures. It is only in Oslob that they can experience such activity and no other place. Over time, the creatures turned out to be domesticated since local boatmen keep feeding them buckets of krill.