Places To Be Visited While Africa Touring

There are many ways that you could express your adventuresome spirit in Africa, and lots of different tour options to satisfy your desires. Take an exciting wildlife excursion, a relaxing campfire retreat, or just enjoy one of the numerous luxury hotels on Africa’s beautiful beaches. Changing directions from the desert sands and in the enchanting […]

GGG And Canelo Fight Is The Best Middleweight Bout To Happen As Per De La Hoya

Time will be tested again in the boxing industry as the most anticipated fight is about to happen on the 16th of September at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena branded to be the mega fight of the year; the Canelo vs GGG live bout – middleweight championship. This is the long awaited fight until Canelo hit […]

Tips on Things to See in Thailand

Thailand has long been a popular tourist destination. Cheap, navigable, family friendly, and with a range of activities, it is easy to see why it is so popular. With the world economy shrinking, Thailand has become an even better choice to visit. Hotel prices have been cut and flights have become cheaper. If that wasn’t […]

Oddsmakers Give Conor McGregor A Better Chance Than Canelo Alvarez

There are authoritatively under two months to go until UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor ventures into the ring to meet Floyd Mayweather in apparently one of the greatest enclosing matches history.  While a few boxers and investigators have blamed this standoff for being more exhibition than battle, oddsmakers in Las Vegas unquestionably appear to have […]

Dana White Discusses Moment From Mayweather/McGregor Promo Tour

There were many tense minutes amid the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor limited time visit that made stops in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York City, and London a week ago. From McGregor making some possibly bigot comments to Mayweather to Mayweather calling McGregor a stripper and making it rain in front of an audience, the […]