Drakuun, Dragon Princess Warrior manga

 DRAKUUN             Drakuun Ryûhimehei, “Drakuun, Dragon Princess Warrior” • Johji Manabe • Dark Horse (1997–1999) • Fujimi Shobo/Kadokawa Shoten (1988–2003) • 3 volumes (5 volumes in Japan) • Shônen, Fantasy, Adventure • Unrated/16+ (language, violence, nudity) read naruto online manga reader             A tedious and uninspired fantasy yarn from the creator of Outlanders and Caravan […]

Introduce of children and families manga – Part 3

Girls’ magazines aimed at elementary school to junior high audiences exist as well, including Kodansha’s venerable Nakayoshi (founded in 1954), Shueisha’s Ribon (founded in 1955), and Shogakukan’s Ciao and ChuChu (founded in 1977 and 2005, respectively). They, too, rely heavily on merchandising, although not as much as the boys’ magazines for the same age group. […]

Tokyo Ghouls – A Manga Packed With Great Characters

As Kaneki disappeared in the Tokyo Ghoul series, the police get somehow confused, too. However, in comparison to Toka, they still develop to a considerable extent. As in the first season, Amon the investigator was probably the character that had the most screentime, just besides the deceased partner of his. The series continues to spend […]

Manga review – 2001 Nights and 3×3 Eyes

2001 Nights This serious, even stodgy science fiction anthology consists of linked stories about the human exploration of space, starting from the space shuttle and the Cold War era, to the far future when humans use technological advances to colonize distant planets. The echoes of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 are intentional; there’s even a joke […]

Cebu Whale Shark Watching

     A family or the unit itself is the center of the community and one way of keeping the bond strong and intact is by travelling and or going on an outing. There is always this time in every family’s lives that in some way they need to destress themselves despite their busy and […]