Uses Of Ceiling Fans In Summer And Winters

Installing ceiling fans in a home can greatly reduce electric bills while adding style and elegance to a home. These fans do, actually, pay for themselves over time, making them a wise investment for any family to make.

Direction and speed control

One great feature of these fans is their cooling system(which is also known as ” ระบบทำความเย็น ” in the Thai language ) during summer and winter season. Both the speed and the direction the blades turn may be changed on most components. In the summertime, the blades must turn

In the summertime, the blades must turn counterclockwise to force air down and make a wind chill effect.

In the winter, the blades must turn in the reverse direction (clockwise) so that the cool air will be pulled up.

While a ceiling fan does not actually lower the temperature of a space, the wind chill effect from the flowing air makes people feel cooler.

Air Circulation

Most people will run their fans at medium to high speeds during the summer months. Apart from the wind chill effect, this may also help circulate the cooler air throughout the space when the air conditioner is running as well.

The Ecology of engineering (which is also known as ” นิเวศวิทยาของวิศวกรรม” in the Thai language ) is the best source for buying anything regarding electrical appliances.

Reduces heating costs

While the effects on heating costs are not as dramatic as those on heating, these fans forcing the warm air down does make a difference in comfort and with the electrical bill.

Great for high ceilings

Those with high ceilings have the most to gain from ceiling fans. In the winter, those high ceilings can act as a big reservoir sucking up lots of precious heat.

Lighting for your home

Lighting kits come with most ceiling fans. A new fan isn’t only an excellent way of cooling and heating but also provides wonderful lighting choices for the home.

Choosing the right fan for any home

With so many ceiling fans out there, don’t settle for anything but the perfect fan. Like many products, the best selection can be found online.