Uses Of Pumps and Motors

No part of the pool equipment system is as important as the main circulating pump (and its motor). Just like with living animals, if the pump doesn’t function correctly (or at all), nothing else works.

In a few minutes If the pump stops working, everything begins to go downhill. The water becomes dirty, algae growth, and water chemistry gets totally unbalanced.

Making repairs and getting the pool back to good condition can be expensive and time-consuming. Yet, keeping the pump working well and preventing problems isn’t so difficult.

An  Abb motor (which is also known as “ มอเตอร์ abb ” in the Thai language )  provides a good range of reliable and high-efficiency motors and generators for all processes and applications.

Here, we will review the main features of keeping the pool or spa pump and motor and see how little effort it really takes to keep them in good condition.

Even a person who is not handy can spend a little time following a few simple steps and increase the life of the pump by years.

Install the Pump Your Pool Needs

Whether this is a brand new pool or an existing one, it’s necessary that you install the right pump and motor that it needs. Appropriate sizing of the pump to the pool is not a random act.

Apart from this, You may also check out about Pneumatic pump spare parts (which is also known as ” อะไหล่ปั๊มลมพูม่า ” in the Thai language  ) Through online websites.

Protecting the pump from the elements and other sources of damage can save money and stress. The pump will function well and last longer. Be certain that water from rain or sprinklers cannot get into the motor.

Do Not Overwork the Pump Motor

The objective of the pump is to keep the circulation of the water for the supply of oxygen and chemicals, filtering the dirt out of the water, and preventing the stagnation that enables algae and other life forms to live and reproduce in the water.