Water Martial Arts – Oh No!

Can practicing martial arts in the water improve your martial skills? How exactly would you train for the best benefits? What are some of the pitfalls of wet martial-arts practice? Will you develop bad habits with this kind of workout?

Training Bad Habits

I actually applaud all of the martial arts teachers who spend time thinking upward creative ways to educate their students. And thankyou to the students who seek to train in all environments on their own… including water training. You can also click at http://mtkim.com/ to get more details about martial arts.



Have you ever used martial arts while floating around with friends and other martial artists? Maybe on your own? (Make sure you have an extra pair of eyes on you… it can be dangerous to swim solo. ) Sadly, unless you plan for controlled, precise practice, it can easy to develop bad habits.

Specifically, due to drag on your limbs in the water, it's easy to telegraph your motions by mistake. In other words, since it will take extra force to move through water, you use extra motion to facilitate this.

These extra actions can be detected from your opponent. Imagine training a large number of repetitions with extra movements. You wouldn't be able to hide your intent in a real self-defense unexpected emergency. Make sure you train for precision in the water.