Ways to Improve User Interface

3 Important Tips on

How to Improve User Interface Elements

custom web designIf you want to design a user friendly web site then it will be necessary to pay special attention to measures which can help in improving user interface and present everything in easy to understand manner. In this context we will look into some useful tips on how designers can improve different user interface (UI) elements.

Tips on Improving User Interface Elements

Tip #1: Auto Complete and Default Values

Custom web design Toronto companies need to analyze most commonly selected values in forms and provide default values for those fields. Such type of pre-populated values and suggestions based upon previous data can certainly ease data entry for users and make the interface a lot more user friendly. Let us look at some examples of sites which utilize such features.

  • YouTube: One site we can think of is YouTube automatically decides about your region and language on the basis of location from where you are browsing the site. The site also makes it possible to easily change these values but most users hardly feel the need to make such a change since almost always such default values match their own preferences.
  • Google: Another example is of auto-complete feature used in Google search which considerably speeds up visitor interaction on the site as well as provides users with useful hints on kind of searches other users are performing on the site.
  • Twitter: We can also refer to functionality present on Twitter where search box itself shows profile links so that users can directly visit the profile page without the need to view the search result page.

Such features can improve your website's user interface and increase the speed of interaction visitors are able to achieve on the site.

Tip #2: Ease Sign Up and Login Process

If your site offers registration and login functionality then you can improve it by allowing users to sign up or login using their existing social site (such as Facebook or Twitter) accounts.

Such type of feature would mean that your visitors will have less number of login details to remember and on your part, you will be relieved of the headache of keeping user passwords secure.

In addition to it, you will have access to user's basic information available from such social sites and be able to use it without the user having to go through the time intensive task of filling up lengthy sign up forms. 

This type of functionality can certainly improve usability of your site and help in retaining customers for longer duration on the web site.

Tip #3: Implement Expandability

You can reduce the clutter and make the interface look cleaner by designing controls which can be expanded when visitors click on them. This helps in keeping the interface clean and the controls become visible only when users want to use them. Let us look at some good examples of how sites can use this type of functionality.

  • Facebook, the social media giant, has comments section in collapsed form for all the post. It only shows up when a user wants to enter any comment and clicks comment link.
  • Screen space can also be conserved by using input fields which expand when text entered goes beyond a certain limit. As for instance, Facebook comments box is of single line and expands based on text you enter.


To conclude we can say that there are many different things which you can do to improve user interface of your website and make it a lot more usable.