What Are The Top Wholesaler Sources?

I recently read a review of Worldwide Brands, the online directory of wholesalers, manufacturers and drop shippers, and wondered what's the best place to find suppliers online…

There are two main methods to finding a wholesale supplier on the Internet:

1. Search around using Google and other search engines

2. Join a directory of suppliers like Salehoo or Worldwide Brands

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which I'll talk about in this post!

Finding a Supplier on the Internet

This can be a bit risky and time consuming, but if done right can be the cheapest way to find a reliable supplier of the goods you're looking for.

Basically, you just search for things like 'shoes suppliers' and 'shoe wholesalers' and make contact with each one individually.  There are many to be found online.

Using a Directory

This is often the fastest and safest method.  Because directories like Salehoo are made up only of suppliers that have been fully researched and verified by the directory editors as legitimate, they are much safer to deal with.

It's also easier and faster – with about 8,000 suppliers in one place, a searchable database, and millions of products to search through and compare, it can be much easier to find the right supplier with a directory.  These are the main reasons they exist and are so popular.