Why Whatsapp IS Most Popular Among The Every College Students?

Every one well known about Whatsapp messenger application. Because this usage is most important to internationaly. Through Whatsapp we can send a message to 100 people at a time. So, college students like to use this wonderful Whatsapp instant messaging application. They share lot of important messages to their whatsapp circle. If you need online colleges for education degrees details please view our blog here (Raj Viewcolleges). Through Whatsapp college students they keep in touch to their old or new or international friends. In additionally they shared education related information's also, not only education but college students also chats, share funny messages, funny videos, multimedia's, voice calls and many other. In Whatsapp they creating Whatsapp groups and keep touching and chatting to their all friends at a time. Worldwide most of the people like to use this instant messaging application.

Whatsapp users are increased on every day. Additionally Whatsapp provides more benefits to their customers such as one year free of cost, easy to access and allows you to message internationally with having the basic internet connection. Recently, Facebook company bought the Whatsapp company. In Whatsapp there are lots of features available such as we can know our friends last seen timeline as well as message sent, received and viewed mode we can view on Whatsapp. This is very useful to know our sent message status. This feature is only available in Whatapp messenger application. 

Whatsapp status this is most popular among the college students or current youngsters. Because they can change or update their current status on their Whatsapp profile . As well as possible to update on every minutes, every hours and every day. Next Whatsapp dp this also one of the popular who using Whatsapp. Because can they update their photos on their Whatsapp display pictures. Whatsapp connect to your friends with your saved contact numbers on your mobile phone. Every Smartphone, android phone, iPhone, iPod and Windows phone access to use Whatsapp. Whatsapp usage is began in United States, there US college students mainly using this application. (Find out here now ) list of colleges in the United States.