Zynga Launches CSR Racing 2 on Android, iOS

The drag-racing game permits players to compete against the PC or other players in multiple race modes, including regulation races and ladder, live multiplayer races, crew battles and more.

CSR racing 2 on mobile

Zynga announced the release of CSR Racing 2 on mobile. Developed by Zynga NaturalMotion studio. In CSR2, players can complete against the PC or other players in multiple race modes,  including regulation  and ladder races, live multiplayer races, crew battles and more.

Users get money as they complete races or through csr2 cheats. Users can purchase upgrades in multiple categories (nitrous, engine, transmission, tires, etc), with each upgrade affecting a vehicles stats (weight, shift time, grip, and power). Once users reach certain upgrade stages for specific categories in their vehicles, they will unlock tuning, which permits them to additional modify the vehicle their vehicles stats without spending additional money.

NaturalMotion worked with every vehicle producer featured in CSR2, including McLaren, Lamborghini, and Ferrari to make sure that each vehicle was accurately re-created in the game.

Interact with cars

Users can interact with their cars in between races in view each vehicles details. This contains the capability to open a vehicles doors or hood, as examples. Users can take images or videos of their vehicles and shared them with others on social media. Game can buy additional vehicles from the store using premium or free currency, or they can win them through the games story mode.

The game contains a multiplayer crew spec, which permits users to join clubs or crew, with other players. Game can chat with other users in their crews, and they can also unlock boosts via csr racing 2 hack and other content via crew perks. Crews can fight against one another to earn respect points.

Hot rods

The most wonderful thing about CSR 2 just how best it looks. NaturalMotion, the developers, have unmistakably put a lot of effort and time into making game look best, no matter if you are racing or just enjoying in your garage.

These looks help making the racing feel a little more personal and intense. The camera angle and motion blur of each race help portray a sense of speed. Similarly, the number of things users can customize about their vehicle — both in terms of cosmetics and performance – help make the game part of CSR 2 racing feel like you are doing more than tapping on the display a few times.